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Let our Culinary Ambassadors take you on a culinary journey throughout delicious Mediterranean flavors and oriental influences.

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Raw scampi, sea bass, tuna and salmon with chamomile and soy
flavoured caviar, casear sauce and lemon yogurt
€ 42

“Fassona” beef tartare with quail egg, balsamic jelly, goat cheese,
snow peas and Venetian sauce
€ 38

Mozzarella “water” sheets with stracciatella cheese, tomato tartare,
basil cream
€ 30


Autumn harmony of legumes and cereals with parsnip cream,
vegetable and sprout selection
€ 28


Foie gras with caramelized figs, rhubard and sweet and sour beetroot€ 40

Warm and cold spider crab composition with avocado, mango, royale
of bisque and ginger cappuccino
€ 38


Spaghetti Benedetto Cavaliere parfumed with pink pepper, fennel and lemon zest with chopped red prawns€ 38

Risotto with clams, small sea scallops and sea slugs€ 38

Pumpkin soup with zucchini, amaretto and coffee bread€ 30


Round semolina lasagne with tofu cream, chopped vegetables, perlina eggplant and watercress pesto€ 36

Seasonal mushrooms ravioli with scallops and porcini mushrooms€ 38

Black tagliolini with cuttlefish curls and marinated peppers€ 40


Beef fillet Rossini 2015€ 62

Pork fillet with calvados, Annurca apple cream and caramelized onion
€ 58

Rack of veal glazed with mustard seeds, with eggplant and its cream
with Parmiggiano Reggiano
€ 60

Breast and thigh duo of guinea fowl with fresh tomato filled with
vegetable ratatouille
€ 48


Seared squid on San Marzano tomato sauce zucchini tartare and
Cerignola olives spheres
€ 64

Sea bass with celeriac, razor shell clam au gratin with seafood
parfume, green bean cream and dill sauce
€ 68

Slow-cooked turbot in olive oil with prickly lettuce, capers, mussels
and cherry tomatoes
€ 62

Deep-fried John Dory fish in rice tempura with red potato chips
seaweed pesto and lemongrass sauce
€ 66

V - vegetarian dish
Cover charge not included
Lunch 12€ per person
Dinner 16€ per person
Service and VAT included